Literacy Office Hours with David Liben pt. 1

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Question Quick Guide:

  • (1:46) I’m about to use the text The Giver with my 6th graders, with such a long text where should I start with developing text-dependent questions?
  • (6:27) Our district has returned to a textbook for literacy instruction due to a high transiency rate. How do we get textbook companies to stay with literature genres and Common Core Standards long enough for eight or nine year olds to get in-depth concepts?
  • (9:34) Can you speak to the use of essential literature/trade books vs. textbooks as source materials for teaching common core? During last year’s initial CCSS rollout, my district pushed the Gates foundation thematic units. Now we’re being asked to use a basal.
  • (11:17) what supports do you recommend for students who are reading significantly below grade level? I teach 3rd grade and have more than half of my class reading below grade level.
  • (18:15) Can the presenter please make reference to areas for collaboration between teachers and the media center/teaching librarian
  • (22:35) CCSS encourages inquiry as an approach. What is your advice for merging backward-mapped skills with forward moving inquiry?
  • (24:08) I am a 1st grade special education self-contained classroom, will you be covering information on Common Core Standards and Special Education?
  • (27:05) How often and how long should students be writing? Are short responses to text okay? Should I focus on longer essays? Is there are particular writing process or program I should follow?
  • (30:45) Your website “Achieve the Core” has lots of student writing samples. How should I use these?
  • (32:14) Besides just writing a paragraph (prose), how else can I rigorously (and creatively) assess student understanding of text? What kind of formative assessment do you recommend?
  • (35:09) How do I identify the academic vocabulary in a text? The domain-specific vocabulary?
  • (38:28) How do I teach vocabulary without having the whole class come to a grinding halt? Preview ahead of time? Embedded?

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