Continuing Education Generation

Rachelle Wooten is a member of the 2013 LearnZillion Dream Team and recently celebrated her 40th birthday. She first shared this insight with us on July 29, 2013.

It’s amazing the amount of reflection I have done as I approached my 40th birthday! Most of which revolved around where I am and where I want to be both personally and professionally.  See, I am the kind of educator that sets new goals for growth every year and I seek out opportunities to grow personally and professionally.  Recently, I read an online article “The Rising Ed-Tech Expectations of the Continuing Education Generation” by Calvin Hennick that stated, “members of Generation X are now midcareer professionals who pursue lifelong learning opportunities at impressive rates” and it resonated with me.

As a member of this “continuing-education generation”, I believe it truly exemplifies me! After all, it was this pursuit that led me to apply for the Learn Zillion 2013 Dream Team.  This same pursuit drives me to dig deeper into the content since I am not as strong in reading as I am in writing.  It’s also the reason I chase research, articles, and resources that help me explore and understand the Common Core standards, even if my home state of Texas has not adopted them. Most importantly, though, this commitment to lifelong learning will remain my life’s pursuit to scale my impact!