The Power of Delaware TeachFest

We are honored to be working with the State of Delaware to recruit and develop a Delaware Dream Team to create high-quality Common Core formative assessment items that will be shared with teachers throughout the state.

The video below gives you a quick view into the spirit and impact of working with teachers in this rigorous, collaborative way — a spirit that is shared by our own national Dream Team.

It is truly an honor to help develop the teachers that, in turn, make a difference for students every day.

Austin’s Butterfly – The Transformative Power of Student Work Examples

One of our all time favorite videos is Austin’s Butterfly, Ron Berger’s incredible piece on the power of critique and multiple drafts in moving students toward excellence. In it, you see how persistence, feedback, and practice feed into one student’s drawing of a tiger swallowtail butterfly – allowing both the artist and his art to evolve into something more advanced than many of us would perhaps think a regular first grader could produce. And yet… if you watch the video, you will be amazed how possible excellence can be when examples of student work are combined with thoughtful feedback.


Austin's Butterfly.  The final draft was always within him. It just needed to find a way out.


To learn more about how to give good feedback, check out this video on coaching. To get some ideas about how to incorporate these ideas into your own practice, check out this fantastic post from the UK on Creating a Culture of Critique.